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Tag: jna

Decide GNU or MUSL build of linux in Java

I have a Java desktop application which is supposed to run in both GNU Linux distributions (Debian and Ubuntu) and MUSL Linux distributions (Alpine). My application uses a native library also and native library build is different for both type of Linux distributions. I will deliver both with my application in different folders. So at runtime Java program needs to

Redirecting stdout from C lib in Java in JNA

I want to redirect the stdout and stderr C streams to Java, but I am struggling to do so. I used the result of this thread: but it still does not work as intended. Here is my C code (I compiled it as a TestPrintf.dll library): And my Java code: The interface for catching the stdout stream: The interface

How to call setProcessMitigationPolicy using JNA

I’m trying to convert this piece of C++ code into Java code via JNA: I already have the function SetProcessMitigationPolicy from Kernel32.dll and I’m able to call it, but how to pass such parameters? Can you please provide an example of it? UPDATE: I have tried the following code, but it is still not working. Is the function declaration correct?

Debugging COM interface mapping in JNA

After mapping Vss.h and several others headers to Java/JNA (see this question) I am trying to run some of the COM object methods and have a problem debugging them. I do not know if I am calling the …

Java JNA – Base Address Finding

I am currently attempting to read/write to memory through the use of JNA for Java. For the past week I have tried a multitude of solutions, mostly from similar projects I have found online, but …