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Tag: jna

Redirecting stdout from C lib in Java in JNA

I want to redirect the stdout and stderr C streams to Java, but I am struggling to do so. I used the result of this thread: but it still does not work as intended. Here is my C code (I compiled it as a TestPrintf.dll library): And my Java code: The interface for catching the stdout stream: The interface

Debugging COM interface mapping in JNA

After mapping Vss.h and several others headers to Java/JNA (see this question) I am trying to run some of the COM object methods and have a problem debugging them. I do not know if I am calling the …

Java JNA – Base Address Finding

I am currently attempting to read/write to memory through the use of JNA for Java. For the past week I have tried a multitude of solutions, mostly from similar projects I have found online, but …