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Where to get Java Native Access Platform sources?

I am trying to build from sources that sources Java Native Access Platform version 5.5.0, and I am getting jna-platform-5.5.0.jar size – 1233K which is much less than In the same time, the recommended sources

git clone --depth 1 --branch 5.5.0

Do not produce jna-platform-5.5.0.jar at all. Could you tell me where to get real sources of Java Native Access Platform version 5.5.0 ?



Both projects are in the same git repository, which you can browse at the JNA GitHub site.

The jna artifact is built using the build.xml file in the project root. The jna-platform artifact is built from build.xml in the contrib/platform subdirectory.

You can build both artifacts from the project root using:

ant dist

You may need the following packages if they aren’t already installed:

sudo apt-get install autoconf automake libtool libx11-dev libxt-dev texinfo

The latest released version is 5.9.0. These later releases fix many bugs and add functionality and if you are building from source, would be a better choice than 5.5.0.

However, there is no 5.5.0 branch at the JNA site, so you’re not able to check it out. You may be getting the master branch (just released 5.9.0) anyway, and that would explain your differing jar sizes.

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