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Tag: heroku

Heroku deployment error “required a bean of type ‘’ that could not be found.”

I am trying to deploy my springboot app to heroku but I am getting an error that it cannot find a JwtDecoder bean. I have tried googling it a bit but can’t find anything that helps. Everything works fine locally, just not when deployed to heroku. Here is my heroku log –tail: WebSecurityConfig: I’m not sure what else to include…

Heroku Java application timing out after 90 seconds

I have been trying to host a discord bot on heroku for some time now. I Have everything set up now but the connection keeps timing out after 90 seconds because it cannot sustain a connection and I am not sure what is wrong. Procfile: web: java $JAVA_OPTS -Dserver.port=$PORT -cp target/classes:target/dependency/* com.marcuzzo.JDABot.Bot Error log: I have been told to change

Quarkus datasource with Heroku

I’m trying to deploy my Quarkus-app on Heroku. It works fine, but I needed to specify the datasource-parameters with fix values. Because Heroku might rotate this parameters, this is not a really good idea. In Quarkus, I need this 3 parameters in Heroku only gives me 1 environment variable (DATABASE_URL), which defines a connection-string in the following manner: postgres://user:pass@server:port/db-name

Deploying spring boot application to heroku – error message “No web processes running”

I created a spring boot web application (in IntelliJ IDEA), which runs locally without problems. I then built an artifact (Build -> Build Artifacts… -> my_app:jar -> Build), which created a jar file in directory “out”. I tried to deploy the app to heroku following exactly the steps described in this walkthrough by heroku: Note: the walkthrough does not

RabbitMQ java client stops consuming messages

My application consumes some messages from RabbitMQ and processes them. I have about 10 queues and each queue has up to ten consumers (threads). I have a prefetch of 5. I’m running my setup in Heroku using the CloudAMQP plugin (RabbitMQ as a service). I’m running with the default heartbeat and connection timeout settings (60 seconds). My java application is