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Tag: keytool

How can i solve [Received fatal alert: bad_certificate]?

I’ve created two servers locally, and I’m going to apply a mutual authentication to their communication. I just don’t know what the problem is. I lack understanding of this mechanism, but I also lack understanding of the server itself. Create each key store Export to X.509 to register certificate in Truststore. Register each other’s certificates in Truststore. server’s client’s

Unable to import certificate to cacerts

My requirement is to import a certificate for maven repositories into the global keystore. The certificate file is named maven-cacert.cer . I am using following command from C:Program FilesJavajdk1.6.0_20bin from cmd as maven-cacert.cer file is in C directory after pressing enter it asked to put password and after giving password it is saying like I also tried but getting same

Trust Store vs Key Store – creating with keytool

I understand that the keystore would usually hold private/public keys and the trust store only public keys (and represents the list of trusted parties you intend to communicate with). Well, that’s my first assumption, so if that’s not correct, I probably haven’t started very well… I was interested though in understanding how / when you distinguish the stores when using