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How to generate self-signed certificate in Java with JDK17

tl,dr; Is there a native Java17 solution to generate self-signed certificate, either via standard library (very unlikely) or some slim, lightweight library? There is a similar question (Access `` in JDK 11 without modules?, asked by me) because starting with JDK11 access to internal JDK packages has been limited thus it’s not possible to use classes from Up until

How to convert certificate from PEM to JKS?

I have to convert a certificate in PEM format into an Java key store. To use this one with tomcat at a windows server I’ve got those files: cert_request.csr cert_public_key.pem cert_private_key.pem cert.txt I tryed to combine the pem files (by combining the two files were chain together) and converted this with openssl into an .der file and import that with