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Tag: containers

Containerizing executables in Java

I have a CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) application I am controlling with Selenium. Normally the application does not allow multiple instances of it to be running at the same time since it modifies directly its root files. I need to be able to run multiple instances (controlled by Selenium) though and some kind of containerization is therefore needed, correct? I’ve

Container Fails to Start: Insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue

We have an enterprise application running on Java 8. The deployment environment is built & updated through Bitbucket pipelines. I have a graphic showing the high-level architecture of the environment. We have two app servers running identical configurations apart from some application specific environment variables. It was all working well until a week ago when after a successful pipeline run,

When building containers why is using Java Generics better than using the Object Class? (Java Generics & DataStructures)

So I have been reviewing my data structures and came across an interesting thought regarding Java generics and the Object class. I have implemented and run a “generic bag” in two different ways (Notice below:,,, and and have used them both (Notice: Below and Output). I have removed some of the unnecessary code as per