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It says Process Finished but there is no output

I’m new to java and I’m having a little problem with my code. There’s no error and such, it just keeps saying process finished but no output was displayed. The filename is correct as I’ve checked. import java.nio.file.; import; Answer You are ignoring the exception and you don’t close the file. Save some typing by using the built-in input.transferTo()

Calling external process from Groovy/Java gives unexpected result

From Groovy/Java I try to execute following command: cmd /c echo mytext. Groovy: 2.4.21, 3.0.9 Java: zulu11.50.19-ca-fx-jdk11.0.12-win_x64 The result is mytext” (including ending double quote). I cannot figure out why the double qoute is there. Can anybody help to explain me why is it there? Thank you. Answer in short: ProcessBuilder will wrap each argument that contains spaces with double

Create a new process in Java, exit the current process

In my code, I want to restart the program. For this i have used the following code in Windows: For Linux Builds I used So now, the implementation for Windows works just fine. It begins a new instance and exits the old. But the Linux implementation is kinda a bit odd. I added System.exit(0); thinking that it will kill the

Java synchronization between different JVMs

The project I am working on would trigger various asynchronous jobs to do some work. As I look into it more these asynchronous jobs are actually being run as separate JVMs (separate java processes). Does it mean I would not be able to use any of the following if I need to synchronize between these processes: synchronized methods/blocks any lock

Background process in linux

I have developed a Java socket server connection which is working fine. When started from a terminal, it starts from listening from client. But when I close the terminal it stops listening. I need …