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Tag: runtime

Speed of custom Java classes vs. Maps

Which is faster: a Set whose elements are each an instance of CustomObject as defined below: public class CustomObject{ private static String A; private static String B; private static …

Executing Java code inside a Java program

I would like to create an application which for example measures the execution time of a certain block of code. In this case it should have a structure like this: I’m curious about the method designated by the arrow, I need some sort of a placeholder. How should be this method implemented? Is it even possible to execute a custom

How to check existence of a program in the path

I’m writing a program in scala which call: I want to check if “svn” is available from the commandline (ie. it is reachable in the PATH). How can I do this ? PS: My program is designed to be run on windows Answer Here’s a Java 8 solution: Replace anyMatch(…) with filter(…).findFirst() to get a fully qualified path. Here’s a