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JMS Topic – Weblogic to Wildfly / JBoss migration

I have one of my Topics in WebLogic with overrides properties “Time-To Deliver Override” and “Delivery Mode Override” I’m working on a migration to WildFly server. I’ve declared the Topics in the standalone.xml under the ActiveMQ subsystem tag as following But, I have no idea on how can I configure the equivalent of “Time-To Deliver Override” and “Delivery Mode Override”

Shared Dependency for two Deployments on Wildfly

I have two webapps, which are deployed within the same wildfly. Both webapps should share certain libraries, which are not part of the wildfly modules. To keep the deployment non-dependent on the specific wildfly, I would prefer not to provide the shared libraries via the wildfly-module system (I am aware, it is possible to user-define modules). My approach was to

Why JBoss EAP failed to start?

I’m new to JBoss Server. Currently I’m using JBoss server 7.2. Error : 09:25:05,213 INFO [org.jboss.modules] (main) JBoss Modules version 1.8.6.Final-redhat-00001 09:25:05,646 INFO [org.jboss.msc] …

SLF4J logging with jboss/wildfly 10

I have a Java webapp running in a WildFly 10 server. I used to have the following libraries as Maven dependencies: I would now like to use wildfly’s builtin logging subsystem. Which libraries do I need to add to my project(s)? How do I configure the default log-category and root logger declared in standalone.xml to log everything from packages “com.mycompany”