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Tag: deployment

Shared Dependency for two Deployments on Wildfly

I have two webapps, which are deployed within the same wildfly. Both webapps should share certain libraries, which are not part of the wildfly modules. To keep the deployment non-dependent on the specific wildfly, I would prefer not to provide the shared libraries via the wildfly-module system (I am aware, it is possible to user-define modules). My approach was to

JSON file not copied to target folder

In my java project, I have a .json file which I have placed in resource folder. When I am trying to read this .json file in my main class using the getResourceAsStream() method, I am getting a FileNotFoundException. I checked that under folder target > classes this .json file is not present. I am not sure why this .json file

Problems with launch spring boot jar on ubuntu server. Error starting ApplicationContext

I have configured nginx to fit my code. My code works well on Windows and now I’m trying to deploy it to Ubuntu. I run jar and it fail. Logs: My propeties: continues code: upload.path=home/kirill/uploads #properties for MailSender #smptps – Not secure connection #test spring.mail.username= HIDED EMAIL spring.mail.password=password spring.mail.port=465 spring.mail.protocol=smtps mail.debug=false recaptcha.secret=hided secret spring.session.jdbc.initialize-schema=always spring.session.jdbc.table-name=SPRING_SESSION hostname= HIDED HOST server.port=80