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how to set JDK in UBUNTU-20.04 using VSCODE?

I am having problem with vscode and jdk, I use it in windows with many configs, but with ubuntu, It brings me this error: Everything is ok with jdk-default on vscode bash terminal. jdk bin: jdk version: but, if I try to found a $JAVA_HOME on terminal, it returns empty.. I do not know more what can I do… already

Inconsisent S3 parameter validation error when running bash script in Ubuntu WSL

I’m experimenting with AWS Lambda by following along with the instructions here: Part of the setup instructions require running this script ( When I run the script in WSL I get a parameter validation error: However, when I manually run the last two lines of the file with the debug output it works correctly: Why does this fail when

Problems with launch spring boot jar on ubuntu server. Error starting ApplicationContext

I have configured nginx to fit my code. My code works well on Windows and now I’m trying to deploy it to Ubuntu. I run jar and it fail. Logs: My propeties: continues code: upload.path=home/kirill/uploads #properties for MailSender #smptps – Not secure connection #test spring.mail.username= HIDED EMAIL spring.mail.password=password spring.mail.port=465 spring.mail.protocol=smtps mail.debug=false recaptcha.secret=hided secret spring.session.jdbc.initialize-schema=always spring.session.jdbc.table-name=SPRING_SESSION hostname= HIDED HOST server.port=80

How to install the JDK on Ubuntu Linux

Note: This is an old question and the answers reflect the world as it was then. Modern Ubuntu distributions have OpenJDK available which can be installed with I am trying to install the Java Development Kit (JDK) on Ubuntu Linux distribution, but I am unable to install it. What are the steps to install it on Ubuntu? Answer Referring to

JAVA_OPTS for increasing heap size

I want to increase my Heap size. How can I use JAVA_OPTS for doing so.I am getting the following error may be this is because of low heap size Answer You should be able to use the information found in this post. where zzz is your minimum size. where zzz is your maximum size. You can find more info on