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Location variables in the pom.xml file do not work on Ubuntu

I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 and Eclipse Oxygem March 2018.

I have a project on a ntfs partition. My pom.xml is in this directory: /media/gustavo/Novo volume/GIT/sistemas/Comuns/commons/pom.xml

I am using the variable ${basedir} (I also tested the ${project.basedir} variable) to find this location.

These variables should contain the following directory: /media/gustavo/Novo volume/GIT/sistemas/Comuns/commons/

(It works in Windows 10)

But, on Ubuntu 18.04, it is showing the following location: /home/gustavo/.m2/repository/

Does anyone know how to make this variable point to the right place in Ubuntu 18.04?



I solved the problem by adding in the systemPath resource the following address $ {project.basedir} ../../