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Tag: windows-subsystem-for-linux

Inconsisent S3 parameter validation error when running bash script in Ubuntu WSL

I’m experimenting with AWS Lambda by following along with the instructions here: Part of the setup instructions require running this script ( When I run the script in WSL I get a parameter validation error: However, when I manually run the last two lines of the file with the debug output it works correctly: Why does this fail when

installing tomcat 9 on WSL

After installing tomcat 9 on WSL, it isn’t recognized by system. Since systemctl command doesn’t work on WSL, I used below command: returning I followed 2 ways to install, but the same problem occurred. References are: Is there any clue for this problem? Here is my environment: windows 10 version 2004 ubuntu 20.04 (WSL) openjdk version: “1.8.0_265” update: