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Tag: jpackage

How to add dependencies to DEB created by JPackage?

I have a java application that I package with jpackage and receive a debian package. At runtime the application relies on another piece of software being installed, and it comes from another debian package. I want the Ubuntu package manager to automatically resolve this dependency. But that means I have to declare the dependency somehow in my debian package. What

How to package JavaFX + Spring Boot application via jpackage correctly?

I’m having trouble packaging my project using jpackage by badass jlink plugin. Project contains Spring Boot, which works with JavaFX via FXVeawer. And with Spring Data application works with Database. My build.gradle: Application is packaging, but due to error Caused by: org.springframework.cglib.core.CodeGenerationException: java.lang.IllegalAccessException–>module spring.geodemo does not open spring.geodemo to unnamed module @39cd0bac does not start. I have no idea what