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Tag: javabeans

SecurityFilterChain Bean doesn’t protect app

I am in the middle of process of mirgation my Spring Security Configuration from WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter (deprecated) to configuration with beans. My config class now looks like I understand that this configuration doesn’t make any behavior settings, but shouldn’t it return a SecurityFilterChain bean that will act like the default SecurityFilterChain (as if no configuration was specified)? When I start my

Getting javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.naming.NamingException: Lookup failed for ‘java:global/ShoppingCart-1.0-SNAPSHOT/ShoppingCartRemote’

I am new to JAVA EE. I am trying to implement stateful session Bean via IntelliJ IDEA and glassfish server 4.0 while running the code getting below exception. Attaching the code and glassfish configuration as well. Error is coming as the lookup has been failed. Can anyone help regarding the lookup? Glassfish Configuration Remote Interface Stateful Session Bean JSP Code

Spring Boot: class with @Service bean bean not found

I have multiple @Service class which implements a class BaseService In a Controller class, I want to call a Service class (which implements BaseService) based on a parameter I’m using a function in Utils and calling it from the Controller class My TestService class has an @Service annotation TestService works if I call it using constructor in the Controller class

correct structure in MVC with spring

I’m a little confused about correct mvc pattern. This is my config file: In this class I’ve got all Beans. This is my interface UserRepo, and interface UserService. They are the same I’ve got my class that implemets this interface And finally I’ve got my Controller In my Controller I @Autowired UsersRepo/it’s a inteface/. And my code works, I can

Mockito doThrow() method makes my test fail with the given exception

I’m testing the error case for when my injected StatefulBeanToCsv dependency throws an exception. However, Mockito’s doThrow() method is just making my test fail, rather than allowing that exception to be verified using assertThrows(). I’m injecting my StatefulBeanToCsv dependency through a BeanFactory rather than constructor/setter injection, because I need to pass it a Writer as an argument. The test is