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Tag: model-view-controller

correct structure in MVC with spring

I’m a little confused about correct mvc pattern. This is my config file: In this class I’ve got all Beans. This is my interface UserRepo, and interface UserService. They are the same I’ve got my class that implemets this interface And finally I’ve got my Controller In my Controller I @Autowired UsersRepo/it’s a inteface/. And my code works, I can

How to print Java object in modal using jQuery

I am trying to print object data in modal using jQuery. When I click the button it sends the Java object to jQuery and then prints it but it is printing in this format: Trip [tid=1, tname=North, tplace=Ladhak, tpackage=12000, tfrom=2022-05-21, tto=2022-05-31, lastdate=2021-12-22, tinfo=XYZ] I want to access data of the object and display it. jQuery code: Answer Split your data

Spring cannot create UserService bean

Dao tier. I have abstract jpa dao interface, extended interface, and I added abstract implementation, from which I extend other real used implementations. These classes as follows: Service tier. Here I also have abstract service interface, one extended interface (UserService) and its abstract and real implementations: In my real project I got many extended interfaces from AbstractDao and AbstractServie. You