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Does WebLogic Server 14 support JDK 6?

I want to migrate to WebLogic server 14 but, Could the Weblogic server 14 support old java versions like 6? Answer The requirements for various versions of WebLogic can be found in a xls file downloadable from this page. WebLogic 14c, in particular, requires Java 8 or Java 11

oracle-maven-sync plugin (v14.1.1) error while deploying web application: ‘deploy’ goal not found

I am using following plugin to deploy my web application to weblogic 14c with maven (3.6.3): while executing the goal, maven is giving the below error: [ERROR] Could not find goal ‘deploy’ in plugin among available goals help, push -> [Help 1] Eclipse also giving the below warning for the pom file having plugin configuration: Invalid goal for this cannot be cast to

I am getting “java.lang.ClassCastException” while trying to connect to a url using . I am using Weblogic Server 10.3.4. The exception which i am getting is : Any possible reason of getting this error ? Answer I got the solution finally. If we are using Weblogic server, we must define: set JAVA_OPTIONS=%JAVA_OPTIONS% -DUseSunHttpHandler=true …in the class path inside the