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Tag: vert.x

How to add a Servlet filter in Vert.x REST API?

I have a REST API which was created purely using Vert.x, I would like to instrument it for AWS X-RAY and in order to do that I need to add a servlet filter. I’m creating a webserver like this: In the documentation for AWS X-RAY they’ve only mentioned Tomcat ( Would adding filters using web.xml work for this as well

quarkus @ObservesAsync invoke Uni

What’s the best way to invoke Uni in an async observer? It would be great if I could just return Uni but unfortunately that doesn’t work. Answer As mentioned by @ladicek, you can: use a synchronous observer and block until termination use a synchronous observer and “trigger” the async operation using a fire-and-forget approach use an async observer (while it’s

Making a static final Json object in Java

I am currently building a Java Vertx application that executes a task periodically. This application is executes a certain logic and is supposed to return a value in a Json format. The logic seems to work and I don’t have a problem getting the desired value in the log, but I have trouble returning that value. And the code for

Method to get and post Json object in Vertx

I’m new to Java and to backend development, and I really could use some help. I am currently using Vert.x to develop a server that takes in a Json request that tells this server which file to analyze, and the server analyzes the file and gives a response in a Json format. I have created an ImageRecognition class where there

Batch insert entities to DB (Quarkus, Hibernate)

First off: I’m not used to Quarkus or Hibernate (I’m pretty much all .net) Problem: My service receives a list of ~10k (Would guess thats the most common number). This comes via a resource endpoint, and it takes +10s for it to complete, Far to long. And the service is unresponsive. The statusDao.Create() is annotated with @Transactional: DAO is @ApplicationScoped

Refresh access_token via refresh_token in Keycloak

I need to make the user keep login in the system if the user’s access_token get expired and user want to keep login. How can I get newly updated access_token with the use of refresh_token on Keycloak? I am using vertx-auth for the auth implementation with Keycloak on vert.x. Is it possible to refresh access_token with vertx-auth or Keycloak’s REST