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Tag: mutiny

quarkus @ObservesAsync invoke Uni

What’s the best way to invoke Uni in an async observer? It would be great if I could just return Uni but unfortunately that doesn’t work. Answer As mentioned by @ladicek, you can: use a synchronous observer and block until termination use a synchronous observer and “trigger” the async operation using a fire-and-forget approach use an async observer (while it’s

Uni.combine().all().unis() v.s. Multi..onItem().transformToMultiAndConcatenate().collect()

In my Quarkus service, I need to fetch a list of results from external service, and I figured out there are two methods to achieve the same goal: 1st approach based on Uni.combine().all(): 2nd approach based on Multi..onItem().transformToMultiAndConcatenate().collect() In the beginning I don’t think there exists any true difference between the two approaches, as Uni are evaluated lazily and either