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Difference between List and ActionSequence in jqwik

What exactly is the difference in between List<Action> and ActionSequence in jqwik.

In the doc of jqwik, ActionSequence is created using Arbitraries.sequences(...) and the List<Action> is created using Arbitraries.oneOf().list()

Since the purpose of ActionSequence and List<Action> is to provide a combination of actions to run after each other.

Please guide me. Thanks 🙂



Always use ActionSequence if you want to do stateful testing. It has the Build-in capability to use an Action‘s precondition, and its shrinking behaviour is optimized for that use case. If you‘d use List<Action> instead, you would have to rebuild all that.

In case you need an introduction of how to use it, look at More details can be found in and

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