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Tag: autowired

Java Spring Boot @Autowired values are null

When I try to print the variable that I have autowired, it prints “null” instead of the value I set it to, “Example.” I can’t quite figure out what I’m missing In my AppConfig class I have: In my other class, DAOMethods, that I want to autowire the variable in: Answer They exist in different packages; With AppConfig living in

Autowired property is null in EnvironmentPostProcessor implementation class on startup

In my SpringBoot app, I have Autowired an configObject in the class that implements EnvironmentPostProcessor. The injected class reads data from a different source on startup as this is required for the app to work. But upon starting the application, the configObject is coming off as Null. And the AppEnvironmentPostProcessor class where the Autowired object is called. This class is

Should I annotate pojo class with @Component?

I searched whether I should annotate POJO with @Component or not. It seems like it is recommended not to annotate pojo. Here is my OrderStatusMnemonic Configuration class that reads a txt file: OrderStatus POJO: Since I am autowiring OrderStatus POJO class I am getting error: Consider defining a bean of type ‘com.spectrum.sci.osm.orderstatus.OrderStatus’ in your configuration. Answer Your OrderStatus as it

Spring Boot Error @Autowired RestTemplateBuilder with junit

Trying to @Autowired a RestTemplate in Spring Boot 2.1.4 using RestTemplateBuilder. When i run junit tests i get an error when trying to autowired RestTemplate. I saw here: How to autowire RestTemplate using annotations It seems that RestTemplateBuilder is better so i would like to use that. This is the configuration file : This is the test class: The error