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Tag: lombok

Passing generic types inner class

Here is following example: Is there a way just to pass the generic <String> one time? Actually the inner class should already know its type. Answer That is a limitation of the Java compiler. Although it looks obvious in this case that the type parameter must be String, inferring that is not as easy as it seems to be: The

NoArgsConstructor and AllArgsConstructor annotation on Child class for parent constructors

Hello to the overflow community, I am struggling on an inheritance problem with Lombok. I’m trying to add both annotation @AllArgsConstructor and @NoArgsConstructor on a child class in order to use the parent lombok constructors but got the error “Duplicate method Child()”. Parent class: Child class: The error message: Duplicate method Child() in type Child Java(67109219) Thanks to the @rentox98

@Data annotion not working to set the value in Java

I have this POJO class: I am trying to set the value of orderNbr from a different class. I am trying to update the value of orderNbr in my XML output to 89898 and I want to do it using @Data. But when I am doing fo.setOrderNbr(89898989)I am getting a compile time error as Error:(56, 132) java: incompatible types: void

Lombok with SuperBuilder

I have a Java project that uses Lombok ( a java library that automatically plugs into the editor and build tools ) @Getter @SuperBuilder @NoArgsConstructor @AllArgsConstructor @EqualsAndHashCode(of = {…