Best instructions for null scenario in String approach [closed]

I want to hear opinions and arguments on this topic, I’m pretty undecided. The equals method is the best one for value equality/testing? if (“text”.equals(testString))

problem with equals() method when used after toString() method

When I tried to take two strings as input to a function and check whether they are anagrams, I am getting the wrong output. I have written the following code. class Solution { public boolean …

Why is casting in equals necessary?

I’m doing the Mooc course and it’s teaching us how to compare objects from made up classes like “Person” and see if they are equal to each other. They give us the following code: public class …

Java – Why can’t I use charAt() to see if a char equals another?

I want to see if a character in my string equals a certain other char value but I do not know what the char in the string is so I have used this: if ( fieldNames.charAt(4) == “f” ) But I get the …

Why are 2 Long variables not equal with == operator in Java?

I got a very strange problem when I’m trying to compare 2 Long variables, they always show false and I can be sure they have the same number value by debugging in Eclipse: if (user.getId() == admin….

How could a LinkedHashMap fail to find an entry produced by an iterator?

Under what circumstances given a correct implementation of hashCode and equals() can the following code return false? myLinkedHashMap.containsKey(myLinkedHashMap.keySet().iterator().next())

Generated equals in Webservice Stub

All the generated webservice-stubs from our backend have an equals-method similar to this one: private java.lang.Object __equalsCalc = null; public synchronized boolean equals(java.lang.Object obj) { …