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How check if an Attribute(object) is null in Java

I need specific data for a report, then I gettin all information from a parent object Object1 It has many attributes, object attributes Object11, Object12, Object13, attr1, attr2… The attributes has many attributes too Object111, Object131, Object132,.. by now I got 5 level data attributes. When I send information to my report it says, Error: cause:null object1.getIdObject11().getIdObject111().getDescription; It trows error

Exceptions or null in java

I have the next doubt. According to good practices of java, how to manage the cases in which the object can not be found and we want to know why. For example, if someone has problems logging in our system and we want to inform them exactly what is the problem, we cannot return null because we lose the reason

Why the if condition runs the other way

the value passed fromjsonObject.getString(“firstName”); to firstNameValidateUser is null as it doesn’t have any value, I need to run the following code which contain String firstName=jsonObject.getString(“firstName”);…. till returnedUser = new User(firstName, lastName, user.userName, user.password, birthDate, position,qualification,email); when the value of firstNameValidateUser is null. How do I check it,I have used the if condition to check if the firstNameValidateUseris null ,but from

Sum with Integer object if not null

I do not know if it is possible in Java but I need a method to do a special “add function”. Let me explain, SHORT VERSION: Is it possible to add an int with an Integer object? I need a method to check if that integer object exists, and add 0 if the object is null, add the correct value