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Tag: unicode

Colored Emojis in Java Swing Labels

I was wondering how to dispaly colored emojis in swing. I have a feeling that the Swing (awt) font engine is unable to do this. I’ve tried using the windows emoji font (Segoe UI Emoji), but sadly it only displays the monochrome variants. Is there any UIManager-Property or Client-Property that I can set in order to get the non-monochrome variant

What is the difference between Character.isAlphabetic and Character.isLetter in Java?

What is the difference between Character.isAlphabetic() and Character.isLetter() in Java? When should one use one and when should one use the other? Answer According to the API docs, isLetter() returns true if the character has any of the following general category types: UPPERCASE_LETTER (Lu), LOWERCASE_LETTER (Ll), TITLECASE_LETTER (Lt), MODIFIER_LETTER (Lm), OTHER_LETTER (Lo). If we compare isAlphabetic(), it has the same

How to display X-Bar statistics symbol in Java Swing label?

What’s the best way to insert statistics symbols in a JLabel’s text? For example, the x-bar? I tried assigning the text field the following with no success: Answer Html codes will not work in Java. However, you can use the unicode escape in Java Strings. For example: Also, here is a cool website for taking Unicode text and turning it