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Tag: android-studio

near “”: syntax error in SQL with android studio

I’m working on a SQL databse on java (android studio project) but i have a weird mistake. Basically, everytime i have I have tried like this My DBS is And i really don’t see where is the mistake. Because they’re saying “syntax error”, but for me, it’s look pretty OKAY. Anyone have a clue ? I’m just trying to insert

Why cant I initialize the Webview

im just starting out with android studio, i have imported WebKit but those imports are grayed. and i cant initialize the webview “private WebView webview” shows errors how to do it correctly? Answer I was using kotlin instead of java that was the issue (beginner mistake lol) my issue was that i couldn’t initialize the webview on my code. but

How do I hide a NativeAdView ad template?

How can I hide where the ad appears if there is no ad? This is the advertisement that I have. It works and there is no problem, but in the event that there is no advertisement, the template remains. I want it to disappear and appear only when an advertisement is available enter image description here NativeAdView template Answer control

Type com.example.myhouse.MainActivity is defined multiple times

Error while compiling the code. Type com.example.myhouse.MainActivity is defined multiple times: C:UsersHPAndroidStudioProjectsmyHouseappbuildtmpkotlin-classesdebugcomexamplemyhouseMainActivity.class, C:UsersHPAndroidStudioProjectsmyHouseappbuildintermediatesjavacdebugclassescomexamplemyhouseMainActivity.class Gradle file Answer Just delete build folder of appmodule and Rebuild the project! or Try to invalidate cache and restart This will fix the issue!.

My RecyclerView duplicates my items views

So I’m testing the Recycler View and facing some troubles when adding new item. I have a RecyclerView where I try to display a user’s contacts, but when I create a new elemen, all the contacts duplicate. I know that I should clean my view before adding new data, but I’m not sure how to do that. Here’s my main