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Tag: one-to-many

Getting null value reference in One to Many mapping in Spingboot

I am trying to implement ONE-to-MANY mapping among two entities. In here designations have a location and a location have many designations. Once I added the designation it mapped fine, but it update the location table with null except id. Here I’m using the Microsoft SQL server. Application Properties DesignationMaster LocationMaster Service class of Designations Controller class of Designation I

Java JPA SpringBoot

I have table A and table B, table B have a fk that rererences to table A. class EntityA class EntityB But when i try to call findAll method from repository (from EntityA) i get: Could not write JSON: Infinite recursion Answer I’ve solved the problem using unidirectional relationship. Used this on my EntityA and erase the property entityA on

One-to-many select in Jooq

I am trying out JOOQ and trying to select from 3 tables (Author, Books and Articles) using a join statement. The ERD is as follows: The query I have is the following: I also have a protobuf object as follows: (or any other pojo for that matter) which will hold all the entities (author details + list of books +

JOOQ pojos with one-to-many and many-to-many relations

I am struggling to understand how to handle pojos with one-to-many and many-to-many relationships with JOOQ. I store locations that are created by players (one-to-many relation). A location can hold multiple additional players who may visit it (many-to-many). The database layout comes down to the following: Within my java application, all these informations are stored within one pojo. Note that