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Tag: dart

Plain text encrypt from Dart code but decrypt from Java code

When I encrypt plain text using Dart,and encrypted text is decrypted from Java code, I get this error: Same IV, salt and passphase value using Java side for key generation, but the generated key is different and also cipher test is different. I am using same method for key generation. I don’t know what is missing in Dart code. Dart

how do I fix my flutter app not building with cloud firestore?

So I am new to flutter and firebase and I wanted to add firestore capabilities to my app, but when I tried to use firestore I got an error The plugin cloud_firestore requires a higher Android SDK version. │ │ Fix this issue by adding the following to the file │ │ C:UsersJaffStudioProjectspriv_chatandroidappbuild.gradle: After fixing the SDK version, then I

How to fix app:lint error when building flutter app?

For some reason, all of a sudden my app cannot build anymore. First I had flutter devtools problem, then I upgraded to Flutter 2.8.1 and now my app cannot build. I tried upgrading Gradle to 7.3.3 and JDK 17 and still, my app cannot build, I searched the whole GitHub and StackOverflow and cannot find a solution. This was my

Flutter is unable to display video

Even though I had tried adding the dependencies and change the video link to a YouTube link instead, it still the same and does not display the video. May I know how to solve this problem? There are a few errors, I listed it as below: The method ‘VideoPlayer’ isn’t defined for the type ‘_VideoAppState’ Undefined name ‘VideoPlayerController’. Undefined class

Flutter BLE Byte to Array conversion

I’m using the Flutter Blue library to build an app to connect to an IoT device. I was able to get the connection and the discovery of services to work. I want to send a command which is originally …