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Tag: pkcs#7

How to get CMS (PKCS#7) from PKCS#1 Zeal id integration

I am integrating CSC2QR zeal id integration. where i am sending the Base64 URL encoded SHA256 hash (OGRlY2M4NTcxOTQ2ZDRjZDcwYTAyNDk0OWUwMzNhMmEyYTU0Mzc3ZmU5ZjFjMWI5NDRjMjBmOWVlMTFhOWU1MQ==) for signature and in response I am getting PKCS#1 raw signature . I am stuck on how I can use this information to digitally sign the document. I am using itext7 . I am also getting signer certificate as a response Response

Decrypt a Java AES encoded String in Dart

I need to decrypt an AES (PKCS#7) encoded string in my Flutter mobile application. The string is got from a QR Code, which has been generated from a Java application and contains the AES encoded String. The Java encoding : Output : AIRTEuNmSuQtYuysv93w3w83kJJ6sg7kaU7XzA8xrAjOp-lKYPp1brtDAPbhSJmT The Dart decoding : Output : Y��=X�Rȑ�”;12 You can see that only a part of the string