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Tag: pem

Need to add certificate from txt file in runtime

Client has given 2 certificates in ‘.txt’ format and I need to add these certificates during runtime while invoking the SOAP service. Unable to add ‘.txt’ format files as i am getting like ‘Invalid Format’. Certificates have “—–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—–” and “—–END CERTIFICATE—–” headers at the top and bottom of the txt file, so it’s PEM type file (I assume). Any

How to convert certificate from PEM to JKS?

I have to convert a certificate in PEM format into an Java key store. To use this one with tomcat at a windows server I’ve got those files: cert_request.csr cert_public_key.pem cert_private_key.pem cert.txt I tryed to combine the pem files (by combining the two files were chain together) and converted this with openssl into an .der file and import that with