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Tag: ssl-certificate

Mongo Replicaset monitoring replaces hostnames with IP and leads to failed hostname verification

we have a problem with the mongo java driver and the monitoring thread. We are running a 3 server replicaset and connect our spring boot microservices by using the hostnames. mongodb://<username>:<password>@A:27017,B:27017,C:27017/?tls=true Up until now we always used the non-reactive mongo driver and everything is working fine. However I now wanted to use the reactive/netty version and we’re getting a

Need to add certificate from txt file in runtime

Client has given 2 certificates in ‘.txt’ format and I need to add these certificates during runtime while invoking the SOAP service. Unable to add ‘.txt’ format files as i am getting like ‘Invalid Format’. Certificates have “—–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—–” and “—–END CERTIFICATE—–” headers at the top and bottom of the txt file, so it’s PEM type file (I assume). Any

Certificate subject for doesn’t contain a common name and does not have alternative names

I have generated a SSL self-signed certificate using the following commands one-by-one in remote ubuntu machine via terminal: T I’ve added the server.crt onto my local machine’s cacerts using keytool in command prompt as admin. Also added the server.crt onto ‘Trusted Root Certification Authorities’. he issue is that HTTPS request to the remote ubuntu machine server on Postman works fine path building failed:

My spring boot application communicate to a remote https url and it gives the above mentioned error while hitting a POST request. I went through multiple stackoverflow posts for the same topic. Installed/imported required certificates using keytool and restarted JVM. But that didn’t resolve my issue. The error message is the same, however the root cause is different here apart

Turn off ssl certificate validation for JiraRestClient

I’m trying to connect to my Jira via the atlassian rest api java framework: But this causes a errors: General SSLEngine problem PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target I think this happens because I use a self-signed certificate for my Jira. Is there a way to turn of certificate validation for

Including a .pem certificate in a Java HTTP request

I am currently able to access a web service that requires a client certificate using the following curl command: curl -k -v –cert ./certificate.pem How do I make this request in a Java application? Notice that I need the -k flag which allows curl to make “insecure” SSL connections. This needs to be done in the Java application as