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Tag: apache-mina

Apache Mina SFTP SftpSubsystem.Factory()

I am trying to setup a simple SFTP server using Apache Mine SSHD v1.2.0. I have looked at several examples on the web E.g. here, here and here. However they all have the same line in common which I cannot get NetBeans to resolve. NetBeans tells me that it cannot find Factory in SftpSubsystem. The line in question looks as

Import PEM into Java Key Store

I am trying to connect to an SSL server which requires me to authenticate myself. In order to use SSL over Apache MINA I need a suitable JKS file. However, I have only been given a .PEM file. How would I go about creating a JKS file from a PEM file? Answer First, convert your certificate in a DER format

Netty vs Apache MINA

They both provide roughly the same functionality. Which one should I choose to develop my high-performance TCP server? What are the pros & cons? Reference links: Apache MINA (source) Netty (source) Answer While MINA and Netty have similar ambitions, they are quite different in practice and you should consider your choice carefully. We were lucky in that we had lots