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Tag: google-sheets

How to speed up moveRows script

I use a script how move rows in other sheet and delete them if condition match. It works but sometimes it’s long. How can i speed up this please ? I try this but it’s not working. I think i can’t combine sh1.getRange(sh1.getLastRow()+1, 1,vals.lenght , vals[0].length).setValues(result) with sh0.deleteRows(i+1) or the problem is for (var i=vals.lenght-1;i>0;i–) ?? Answer I believe your

Reading whole Google Spreadsheet with Sheets API v4 Java

I would like to read a Google Spreadsheet like described in the Java Quickstart The Quickstart explaines how to read data from a give range But I have the problem that I do not know the Range of the Spreadsheet. The number of columns can change. So how can I read for example all the data of the Sheet