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Tag: gradle

How to trigger a task after build

I have the following code: If I write build.doLast(generateJavaApi), IntelliJ tells me the following: No candidates found for method call build.dolast. Why is that and how would you trigger generateJavaApi after build? (so that running gradle build would automatically also trigger the generation of the java api) Answer What you want is this:

In Android Jetpack compose how to achieve GestureDetector.SimpleOnGestureListener…..?

I want to observe onFling Function to detect Velocityx and Velocity Means Swiping force/Velocity. In android we attach this to the android view.But donot find a way how to call this in Jetpack compose or alternative function for this in jetpack compose…? Answer Please take the Animation-in-Compose codelab to understand better, but for now, here’s how you can achieve something

cordova gradle build SUCCESSFUL turns into FAILED

cordova gradle build SUCCESSFUL and then turns into FAILED. Maybe something is wrong with the versions? It seems to download a lower gradle version in the middle… why? Starting with versions: Gradle 7.3.3, Cordova 10.0.0, Java/JDK 17.0.2 – Here is the transcript (leaving only the main things): Answer After struggling for hours to find the correct versions, it appears that

Gradle (Java) cannot find symbol for class in subdirectory of package

It’s been some years since I have programmed Java and I am having trouble with resolving a build issue with not finding a symbol for a class in the same package directory structure. The following class is attempting to reference Manager. Note the package declarations for both classes. I am importing com.A.B.C.Manager in other source files and able to reference

how to remove log4j form recursive dependency?

I was trying to remove the log4j dependency from my project which is a huge repository. After having a close look in gradle files I found one of the module refers to the log4j dependency, which I excluded in gradle as shown in below code – exclude group: ‘log4j’, module: ‘log4j’ After this, I ran a search for log4j jar,

How to fix app:lint error when building flutter app?

For some reason, all of a sudden my app cannot build anymore. First I had flutter devtools problem, then I upgraded to Flutter 2.8.1 and now my app cannot build. I tried upgrading Gradle to 7.3.3 and JDK 17 and still, my app cannot build, I searched the whole GitHub and StackOverflow and cannot find a solution. This was my