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Tag: gradle-kotlin-dsl

Why can’t I use Gradle DSL in apply’ed files

In our team we have lot of projects built with Gradle. Some parts in the Gradle files are all the same. For example, we use Java 11 in all our projects. So my idea was that I could split up my build.gradle files into a common part, that is then synced from a central repository into every Gradle project while

How to pbulish a BOM out of gradle subprojects?

I have a multi module gradle build which a collection of reusable component projects and a collection of apps that use the common components. In the example tree structure above the app:api project can use the components:clock project. I want to publish a Bill of Material (BOM) from all the component projects so that I can move components into it’s

Gradle Kotlin DSL – Build script fails when java.sourceCompatibility defined in Parent but build is successful when added to child module

Am trying to setup a new repository for a multi module springBoot application using gradle (Kotlin DSL for build scripts) As part of the same I am trying to declare generic configuration and dependencies needed for all subProjects. In doing so, I am trying to define sourceCompatility for all child projects in the subprojects block of parent build.gradle.kts file When