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Tag: gradle-plugin

Artifactory + Custom Gradle Plugin Programmatically (2022)

I’m trying to create a custom gradle plugin (100% java) which will automatically configure Artifactory, avoiding the need of the following DSL: I’m trying to re-create @agrosner own solution (from but I’m missing “ArtifactoryAction”. I can’t find it anywhere. The nonworking version posted by @agrosner is the following code: Can anyone help with an updated 100% java version of

How to avoid downloading gradle zip file while importing new project first time

I am new to java gradle and using Intellij IDE for development. I tried many config setting to avoid downloading every time while importing new project first time as a gradle but Intellij is still downloading. I downloaded gradle setup(version Gradle 6.8.3) and did gardle variable setup but Intellij is trying to download instead of using downloaded and

Gradle Compile & Execute the Single Java Class with third-party jar dependencies using Gradle `buildscript`

I followed this answer but it doesn’t help me to compile single java files using Gradle. It says Task :compileMessageKeys NO-SOURCE Why? I just have only one Java File which is dependent on “apache-ant-1.7.0/ant.jar” jar My ant script is as below Below are the class import statements used in my Java File. EDIT I tried something below as