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Tag: sockets

If a peer client disconnects from a server could we just ignore the socketexception at the server side?

I have a server which accepts input from client; it reads text input from client and processes it in some way(each new connection is assigned a thread also). However, whenever a client suddenly disconnects from the server I receive a socketException(connection reset) from the server where BufferedReader.readLine() is invoked. So basically this exception is an indicator that a client was

InputStream never gets EOF

Before anything, allow me to show you my client code: once connected to the actual socket, the client sends out some authentication data, but doesn’t recieve any data, now, it waits to recieve data from the server, and when it does, it processes it fine etc, except, when I stop the server (literally shutting down the program), nothing happens, when Connection refused on Docker + Keycloak

I’m new to Docker and I’m having a hard time connecting Keycloak to my local MySQL database. Does anyone have a hint of what’s going on? This is my Dockerfile: The error log shows: Steps already taken: Disabled Firewall; Added bind-address: to my my.cnf file; root@% already has all privileges; Tries setting DB_ADDR and DB_VENDOR in all possible configurations;

Java Socket Read Input Twice

I have a situation with a Java Socket Input reader. I am trying to develop an URCAP for Universal Robots and for this I need to use JAVA. The situation is as follow: I connect to the Dashboard server through a socket on IP, and port 29999. After that the server send me a message “Connected: Universal Robots Dashboard

Android Studio Connect to Socket server

I have a server running in Java using Eclipse (Here the full code): As you can see, the client sends 2 values and receives 1, the first one is for the switch, which will indicate what to exceute, for now I just have on option (checking if email exists in the ddbb), the second value is the email as the

Java client hangs if I open two clients at once

I’m trying to build a chat-like thing, and the idea is that whenever someone types, it gets sent and printed on every client connected. If I only open the server and one client, everything runs smoothly — whenever I send something from the client, it goes to the server and then it comes back and gets printed on the client.