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Tag: udp

ISP or Windows firewall blocking UDP connection

I have made a online player game in which i use TCP connection between server and client, and UDP (DatagramSocket) between clients (its a real time game). My problem is that i can play with some friends but no with others, that is to say, my UDP connection works only with some PCs. I think the only possible reason for

Why doesn’t windows desktop broadcast UDP?

Alright, so my application is a peer to peer chat application, designed for LAN communication. Discovery is done by UDP broadcasting the ip & port at the UDP broadcast address ( I’m running it on three platforms at once when testing: ubuntu (VM via VirtualBox, and it’s connected to the network via VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter), windows 10 (my development

UDP communication between Java and C#

I’m trying to communicate a Java program with a C# one but it’s not working. The code is really basic, here it is: This is the Java client And here it is the C# server The c# server is a Unity file, I mean, I execute it from Unity, so Start is the first method called. I would like them