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Tag: plugins

Java Spring REST Controller classes as runtime plugins

currently I want to implement a plugin system into my spring application. The idea is that there is a main spring application which monitors a folder for new jar files. When I put a new jar file in the folder then the main appliation should automatically lift up the RestController classes for usage without downtime. In the plugin jar there

How can I create a checkbox in a TableViewer of JFace?

I have created a tableViewer with two columns and I want to make one of them a checkbox. To do that I have created a CheckBoxCellEditor, but I don´t know why it isn´t working. The column called tableName displays it´s values OK. The column specification is the following. And the EditingSupport is the following: The TableMetaData object decides if the

VisualVM launcher error

I’m trying to use the Eclipse VisualVM launcher. It seems pretty nice, except that it seems to spawn an instance if VisualVM too late to do any profiling of my application. My application finishes execution before the profiler is even initialized; once it starts up, an error window pops up, saying: cannot open requested application. It then shows VM running