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Tag: spring-retry

Intellij – Spring Retry @Recover method marked as unused

When using Spring Retry @Recover method (which works ok) IntelliJ always marking method as unused and suggest to safe delete Method ‘recover(com.gth.common.exceptions.RetryableException, java.lang.String)’ is never used How can it be avoided? how can IntelliJ be aware of the recover method usage? I don’t want IntelliJ to stop warn about Unused declaration, only the false positive warnings Answer Method declarations looks

@Retryable with @Scheduled don’t fire

I’ve written a Spring Boot Application where I’ve enabled Spring Batch Scheduling and Retriable as follow: I’ve defined a controller as follow: After 2 minutes, as the cron expression specified starts the job, so in the first step of it I’ll send it in exception so in the job execution and step I’ve tracked the FAILED status. So, as the