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Tag: azure-cosmosdb

Spring Data cosmos @Transactions support

With Azure Cosmos DB transactional batch support available for Cosmos Java SDK 4.7.0, Does Spring Data Cosmos allows transactional operations? I went through Spring Data Cosmos Github Documentation, but didn’t find a reference. Need help if there is a way to implement transaction batch operations via spring cosmos data. If there is no way currently, then what would be the

CosmosDatabase.createContainerIfNotExists() -> “Resource with specified id, name, or unique index already exists.”

If I call the the method: CosmosDatabase.createContainerIfNotExists(x) I receive the error message: Resource with specified id, name, or unique index already exists. How I have to interpret this error? The full exception stacktrace: Answer I work around the problem with a try catch block and repeat the operation if this error occur. Debug code show that the container exists after