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Tag: google-cloud-platform

org.springframework.beans.factory.UnsatisfiedDependencyException: Error creating bean with name ‘messageSender’

Error while trying to publish a message from spring boot to Google cloud platform pub/sub. I was trying to publish a message to the Google Cloud Platform pub/sub messaging queue. I was getting the following errors while trying to run the application.Please help. I was using only a single Java Class file. Thease are my dependencies(pom.xml) Please help. Thank you.

Google Cloud Function java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError while following example code

i try to test a gcloud function with a storage trigger. The gcloud function should call a gcloud service which is public, but require authentication. I can execute the function locally without any problem. But on gcloud I can found a NoClassDefFoundError in the function logs. Failed to execute functions.HelloGcs java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: io/opencensus/trace/propagation/TextFormat$Setter at at at at

Get all GCP instances under project using rest API

The below api gives instances based on a particular zone. I am using java client library to connect with GCP. It is possible using gcloud according to this link Any help will be much appreciated. Answer To list all instances in all regions and zones for a project, use the aggregatedList method. Method: instances.aggregatedList

Export google CrUX data

I am trying to move a subset of the CrUX data to .csv file(s) for analysis with tools not available on google search console. I tried to export one or more .csv file from a query like so to a google cloud storage bucket (or any other place really): I have tried two different approaches: A. export query results to

Unable to collect data from metric query language MQL – GCP

I want to execute MQL (metric query language) using below library. Here is my code snippet. which will create monitoring client and will try to collect data from GCP monitoring. Above code is working fine but its not returning data of given startTime and endTime , It always returns latest datapoint available. is there any problem with my code ?