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Tag: rsa

Problem verifying signature using public key

I have a webhook that sends a header, which needs to be verified. Below are some details: Problem : The Java method always returns false. The provided header and body are correct and should result as TRUE. As per docs from the provider : Signature = Base64(RSA512(WEBHOOK_PRIVATE_KEY, SHA512(eventBody))) Public Key : Header : RequestBody: Java method that’s called when webhook

RSA decryption according to the private key reports an error

My code using RSA on the front end: My code using RSA in the backend: PublicKey like this: PrivateKey like this: Bu-t, when i do the java code decryption, it reported such an error: How can i solve this problem ? Answer 1. You are decoding wrong. PEM format has a dash-BEGIN line identifying the type of data, a block

decode south african za-drivers-license

In reference to this discussion: Decode South African (ZA) Drivers License Please assist I seem to be getting an error trying to create PublicKey instance in Java on android. I have pasted the error below: Here is the code snippet: Answer The encoded public keys you’re trying to read are not of the format expected by X509EncodedKeySpec. Instead they are