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Tag: try-catch

Can I omit try-catch?

I want to fetch an HTML page and read in with BufferedReader. So I use try-with-resources to open it handles IOException this way: Is this a good pattern to catch and instantly throw? And what if I omit try at all and state that function throws IOException? If then any potentional memory leak? Much appreciate any advice! Answer A catch

How can I get Java to read all text in file?

I am trying to get Java to read text from a file so that I can convert the text into a series of ascii values, but currently it only seems to be reading and retrieving the first line of the txt file. I know this because the output is much shorter than the text in the file. The text in

how pattern syntax exception works

how do I use the following statement in try n catch block to chk if the name is valid and display error msg if any? and how to use PatternSyntaxException Answer You don’t need a try…catch to check if the name is valid. The line you wrote: NAME_PATTERN.matcher(name).matches() returns a boolean, true if it matches and false if it doesn’t.

How To Check If A Method Exists At Runtime In Java?

How would one go about checking to see if a method exists for a class in Java? Would a try {…} catch {…} statement be good practice? Answer I assume that you want to check the method doSomething(String, Object). You might try this: This will not work, since the method will be resolved at compile-time. You really need to use