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Android studio webview does not allow cors

I creating a android application and i want to load data from my server but if i load the data i get a “TypeError: Failed to fetch”. I have tried many ways. I also tried just to load inside the webpage and it also doesn’t work. All my files: Main_actifity.xml AndroidManifest.xml I was expecting to load data from

Can Java handle 10 Thread pool at the same time

I have a Java Application which handles different region for example 10 regions. Each region have different number of tasks. I encounter a problem is that one particular region (Region A) have lots of tasks and the processing time of each task for that region is very long. Therefore, if I use a Single Thread Pool, and tasks of all

Save Excel Data in Database in Spring boot

I have some excel files which i need to upload and save all the content in database. In my excel files sometimes some column which is not mandatory is not present but in cases where it is mandatory it will be present So How can i handle this situation single spring boot controller which run in all these 3 excel

Why many people say that flatmap in reactor is one-to-many?

I’ve read that wonderful answer about the difference between map and flatMap. And there is a picture that demonstrates flatmap: And quote: The map is for synchronous, non-blocking, one-to-one transformations while the flatMap is for asynchronous (non-blocking) One-to-Many transformations. Based on that picture and quote I understand that flatMap allows the creation of more (or fewer) elements than it was

NoSuchBeanException: expected at least 1 bean which qualifies as autowire candidate. But only on one class during MockBean?

There’s this weird problem. I’m currently testing two repository classes that I plan to use as MockBean. The snippets of the code are as follows: For ClassARepoHibernate For ClassBRepoHibernate Now then, on the testing class, I put this up: When I run this test, it gives out this error before even going to the breakpoint if I debug: This confuses