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MapStruct adding 1 suffix to object

I am using mapstruct to map my DTO to entity, My Entity My DTO Generated MapStruct Implementation I tried editing the file but it is unable to create break and always gives break1 Answer Break is a reserved keyboard, use different name or it would always add 1 suffix for successful compilation.

MapStruct: Change Target of Mapping based on Source contents?

I’m trying to represent an international address in a class object using MapStruct that maps it from a PDF form. The address will have a country, if this country is America then the address must have a state. If the country is not America then the address must have a province. I have separate variables for state and province, but

Unable to map target properties using constructors with mapstruct

I am using MapStruct 1.5.2.Final Map struct is unable to map the target values using the parameterised constructor. Following is the parameterised constructor for the class. I know that if I would have exposed the setters, this would have worked. I don’t want to expose the setters for my class as I want my class to be immutable. I am

mapper does not convert between dto to entity

I am new to mapsturct I just want to map between dto to entity those two; my bank class; my bank dto class; my mapper below; Answer Target and source properties don’t work well with collections mapping. You need additional mapping for single element. Update your mapper as below, so Mapstruct can use element mapper when mapping the collection: If

Erroneous element error with mapstruct and OpenAPI

While trying to convert the java model generated by openapi-generator with MapStruct getting the following exception error: No implementation was created for EmployeeMapper due to having a problem in the erroneous element org.openapitools.jackson.nullable.JsonNullable. Hint: this often means that some other annotation processor was supposed to process the erroneous element. You can also enable MapStruct verbose mode by setting -Amapstruct.verbose=true as

MapStruct ignore all unmapped properties for specific method

There are several ways to ignore unmapped target properties in mapstruct. We could list all properties to ignore for specific method: Or specify to ignore all properties on mapper level : Is there a way to mix these approaches and ignore all properties at the method level without explisently list all of them? Answer Using the BeanMapping annotation you can

Map several fields to List with a mapstruct

for example, I have following entity: And a Dto object: Is there a proper way how to map Bank to BankDto, so employee1 and employee2 fields will be added to employeeList collection? Answer You can resolve your issue by adding an after mapping method to your mapping interface:

Mapstruct how to initialize fields

I have a DTO like this and an entity I want to create a mapper to map DTO to entity. How can I make the field private Instant timestamp; has value like My mapper so far It got compile error Answer The issue is due to the source being empty. Remove the source and use expression instead of defaultExpression.

@SubclassMapping order

First time using MapStruct (1.5.0.Beta2) Say I have the following class hierarchy: C extends B extends A and Cdto extends Bdto extends Adto. And the following mapper: When I map a list of C objects I actually get a list of Bdtos. If however I change the ordering to: I get a list of Cdtos as expected. Is this by

MapStruct. Mapping fields of list element by expression

Good afternoon! There is an object that contains field as type List, is it possible to set each (some) field of type T, by values generated in the annotation by the expression parameter? For example: Target object: Mapper interface: How can such an idea be implemented? In the documentation, I found only examples with 1:1 mapping. Edited: Also, i try