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Tag: openapi-generator

Erroneous element error with mapstruct and OpenAPI

While trying to convert the java model generated by openapi-generator with MapStruct getting the following exception error: No implementation was created for EmployeeMapper due to having a problem in the erroneous element org.openapitools.jackson.nullable.JsonNullable. Hint: this often means that some other annotation processor was supposed to process the erroneous element. You can also enable MapStruct verbose mode by setting -Amapstruct.verbose=true as

OpenAPI generator Java Client SE

I’ve an OperAPI like this, with content “application/x-www-form-urlencoded” that i must use (the external API to implement support only that): The OpenAPI Generator Maven’s plugin creates a request class “GenerateTokenRequest” for the schema object but in API implementation class it doesn’t use. It generate a method with all requested fields as a list of parameter. The method is this: So,

Unable to generate interface with openapi-generator-gradle-plugin

I’m trying to generate models and controller interfaces with openapi-generator-gradle-plugin. The problem I’m having is that the plugin in generating classes instead of interfaces. A generated class looks like this: While I’m trying to generate an interface, so that I can implement it in my rest controller. When looking at the configuration, I assumed that the interfaceOnly parameter will make