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Is there any way to use something like List.class?

I’m using SpringBoot with OpenAPI and SwaggerUI to implement a rest api. I want to annotate a @GetMapping method with @ApiResponses to provide the schema of the response, but I’m struggling with the parameter implementation of @Schema. The return type of my method is List<ScanDTO>, so I tried the following: But this doesn’t work. Things like ScanDTO.class would work. The

OpenAPI generator Java Client SE

I’ve an OperAPI like this, with content “application/x-www-form-urlencoded” that i must use (the external API to implement support only that): The OpenAPI Generator Maven’s plugin creates a request class “GenerateTokenRequest” for the schema object but in API implementation class it doesn’t use. It generate a method with all requested fields as a list of parameter. The method is this: So,

Quarkus OpenApi adding x-tokenName extension to SecurityScheme in

I want to add the x-tokenName extension to the openApi security scheme component in quarkus using the file. I’am using microsoft as provider for openIdConnect, and therefore i got a response containing an access_token and a id_token. My configuration so far, look somehow like this: The corresponding openapi.yaml looks for the security scheme part like this: I did not

openapi-generator-maven-plugin upgrade openapi spec to 3.1.0

I am using plugin openapi-generator-maven-plugin in version 5.3.1. Upgrading openapi spec from 3.0.3 to 3.1.0 causes generation phase errors: Spec sample: plugin error: Previous version of openapi works fine.. I couldn’t find information if plugin supports that version of spec, but error message is very vauge. How to use openapi-generator-maven-plugin with spec 3.1.0? Answer As of July 2022, OpenAPI Generator

Unable to generate interface with openapi-generator-gradle-plugin

I’m trying to generate models and controller interfaces with openapi-generator-gradle-plugin. The problem I’m having is that the plugin in generating classes instead of interfaces. A generated class looks like this: While I’m trying to generate an interface, so that I can implement it in my rest controller. When looking at the configuration, I assumed that the interfaceOnly parameter will make

Replace @PathVariable object with ID only for Springdoc

I am currently trying to migrate from Springfox to Springdoc. Most of my endpoints contain a @PathVariable Instance. Obviously I am only passing in the ID of the instance and Spring would automatically resolve the object for me. Here is an example: Called as /api/myInstance/role. Springfox would handle this correctly for me, only generating {instance} as a String mapping to

OpenAPI @RequestBody variables of type Map are not populated

I’ve a simple POST API where the @RequestBody contains a variable of type HashMap. The problem is that the variable “myMap” is never populated. Swagger UI shows the entry field correctly, with corresponding default values. I also added the a static block in the Configuration file, otherwise Swagger UI doesn’t show the entry field of type Map. What is needed