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Tag: springdoc : Unauthorized error: Full authentication is required to access this resource config log Go to URL http://localhost:8088/swagger-ui/index.html How to fix it? Answer Your configuration is mostly correct, your swagger page loads properly except that when it tries to retrieve the swagger config and api-docs via its ajax call it fails to do so because it’s under security’s control. Look at your dev tools and watch the network traffic; you’ll probably

Spring Boot, Swagger and Authorisation

I have a Spring Boot API that uses Springdoc (Swagger). The API has security with “apiKey” and “code” fields being passed in the header. I am having difficulty configuring Swagger correctly to enable the Authentication function in the Swagger UI. This is the configuration: I know this is incorrect, but are unsure how to configure it. Any assistance appreciated. Attempts

Replace @PathVariable object with ID only for Springdoc

I am currently trying to migrate from Springfox to Springdoc. Most of my endpoints contain a @PathVariable Instance. Obviously I am only passing in the ID of the instance and Spring would automatically resolve the object for me. Here is an example: Called as /api/myInstance/role. Springfox would handle this correctly for me, only generating {instance} as a String mapping to

How can have springdoc-openapi use the @JsonValue enum format without changing toString?

I have a Spring Boot application using springdoc-openapi to generate Swagger API documentation for my controllers. One of the enums used in the JSON request/response has a different JSON representation than its value/toString(). This is achieved using the Jackson @JsonValue annotation: However, the generated Swagger API docs use the enum value (specifically, the value of toString()) rather than the JSON