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Tag: springfox

Replace @PathVariable object with ID only for Springdoc

I am currently trying to migrate from Springfox to Springdoc. Most of my endpoints contain a @PathVariable Instance. Obviously I am only passing in the ID of the instance and Spring would automatically resolve the object for me. Here is an example: Called as /api/myInstance/role. Springfox would handle this correctly for me, only generating {instance} as a String mapping to

How to handle header field with swagger in a java project?

I want to add header parameters to swagger ui so that the user can pass these values also. Could someone guide on what the java code for this would look like. I am using springfox-swagger2 and springfox-swagger-ui version 2.9.x (There are other post of SOF that describe about adding these through swagger editor or are for other technologies, so they